We are a community of therapists who support and facilitate healing and wholeness.

We have created this container because we believe we are profoundly and intricately connected.


Being in community with each other changes our work and breathes life and spaciousness into our days.  Clinicians hold a sacred space for clients, The Care Collective™ (TCC) holds a sacred space for clinicians and our work together adds grace, love and compassion for our world.

TCC is rooted in the belief that there is a fundamental difference between treatment and healing.  Meaningful change and deep, lasting growth happen when thoughtful and highly skilled therapists consult, collaborate, and cross-train with one another.  

When we allow ourselves to challenge beliefs we hold about scarcity, competition and how we define success, our practice transforms into a living expression of our truest and most deeply held values.  The Care Collective is a place to explore what is possible and how we can be of service to others in the most fulfilling and sustaining way for ourselves.