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Tabor Burke, MEd, PLPC, NCC

Hi, I’m Tabor and I specialize in helping adults, couples and families improve their relationship with themselves and others. We all struggle at times to find harmony in ourselves and in our various roles, whether as a co-parent, parent, partner, co-worker, friend, or family member. When we don’t relate to ourselves or others in the way we want, we can feel frustrated, anxious or depressed. I am here to listen and give you practical skills to move forward in a different way that is healing for you and those who matter to you.

Relationships can be hard, whether that relationship is with you or the people who matter to you. I take a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to help you achieve your individual goals for therapy. I serve individuals with various relationship issues, including divorce, breakups or setting boundaries. I also help couples and family members reconnect. I work with co-parents to help them reduce conflict and put their children first. Finally, I help parents on difficult child rearing journeys reconnect with themselves and their children. Whatever your goal, I hope you will invest in you and your path to feeling better.

Why Tabor Burke Counseling?

If you’re ready to do something different to discover some peace within yourself and your relationships, it’s time to get the tools you need to get there. The best investment you can make in positive, healthy relationships is an investment in yourself. I am here to help you discover your ability to live a full, joyful life and to improve your relationship with yourself and with the people that matter to you. I hope you will reach out for a free consultation.

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