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Suzanne Goldstein, Founder of Goldstein Counseling, LLC

Hi, I’m Suzanne (Landis) Goldstein, owner and founder of Goldstein Counseling, LLC. I have been a practicing licensed clinical social worker for 20 years and continue to enjoy the work I do because of the people I meet and the relationships I cultivate.

Through these past 20 years I’ve learned so much about the unexpected changes, challenges, and circumstances that can leave us feeling stuck, frustrated, confused, and in need of help and answers. It is often in our times of greatest need that we find ourselves unsure of where to turn and what to do, that we can benefit most from the supportive guidance found within the therapeutic setting. The support, skills, and strategies we find working together are often the catalyst to helping guide in the direction of wellness, growth, and change.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Solution-Focused, Motivational Interviewing, and supportive therapeutic techniques, I help teens, young adults, and adults to identify goals and achieve increased clarity and direction.

Why work with Goldstein Counseling?

As a specialist in practical and effective personal development, I pride myself on my ability to cultivate a safe, confidential space and to see individuals as unique and capable, regardless of the range of circumstances or symptoms. Within this type of therapeutic setting, we can explore identity, patterns of thoughts, motivation, moods, and behaviors, giving special consideration to road blocks getting in the way of reaching your utmost potential.

It has been said “doing more of the same but expecting different results doesn’t work.” It’s time to learn more about your brain, behaviors, and choices in order to discover what can be done differently, would be more effective, and guides in the direction of a more fulfilling pathway.

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