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Steffeny Feld, Kaleidoscope Counseling

I help kids, teens, and adults heal from painful experiences that are impacting them in the present. By looking at the past, I can help you heal and can find a new way forward.

I don’t believe counseling has to be all tears and tissues. Instead, it can be full of creativity, curiosity, compassion, and fun.My job is to meet you exactly where you are. I will help you learn to see yourself and your world from new angles. Together we will journey toward healing and wholeness so that you can live a life full of meaning and joy.

Why work with Kaleidoscope Counseling?

 Painful experiences can shatter our world. After trauma, loss, divorce, diagnosis, we are left holding the broken fragments of our life. Each piece with its own punch of pain. Together we can look deeply at those painful pieces so you can truly heal. The power of the healing process is that the painful piece becomes a part of the bigger picture and not your whole world. The picture you had of yourself won’t go back exactly to what it was. (But maybe it doesn’t need to…) You won’t feel the pain of what was, but the excitement for what can be.

“A kaleidoscope is a symbol of possibilities and potential. The slightest movement brings a whole new image.”
– Barbara Shanahan

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