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As the Covid-19 pandemic persists and isolation and mental health care needs continue to rise, clinicians are receiving increasing numbers of requests for in-person sessions. As a clinician you may be struggling to find the balance of how to keep yourself and your clients safe while also knowing that for some, office sessions are optimal or preferred. TCC has created a middle way – an opportunity for clients to be in a private therapeutic environment while you continue to conduct Telehealth sessions from your home or office.

  • The Care Collective (TCC) is now offering a space that is safe, warm and welcoming for Telehealth clients to connect with their provider via computer, tablet or phone while the clinician is in another location.
  • We are offering this service to clinicians so they can provide a space for clients who do not have privacy, reliable internet or simply prefer to be out of their home for their appointment. We know that inside of a car or a public park are not ideal spaces for the work we do and yet many of our clients are using these spaces for their sessions.
  • Each office has been thoughtfully designed to be peaceful, private and therapeutic. Wifi, hand and device sanitation equipment, CDC compliant air purifiers and sound machines are provided in each office
  • Space is available for rental in 2 hour, half day (4 hours) or full day (8hours) segments
  • Offices are located in a Class A building in downtown Clayton, Missouri

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