It is easy to love the flowers that spring

unwanted through the concrete.

Their strength. Their daring.

What’s not to respect.

But there is a worship I am trying to achieve to love the sidewalk.

To love what is useful, but crumbles, is destroyed by the force of beauty,

Her never ceasing need.

~ Cassie Premo Steele

We’ve got you and we know we’re in this together.

We invite you into therapy with a commitment to uphold The Care Collective Values and to remain curious, collaborative and non-judgmental.

We join together to create a unique and magical thing that we call the therapeutic relationship.

At the heart of this relationship is a felt sense of being witnessed, understood and gotten by a safe, challenging and trustworthy partner.


We approach our work with reverence and admiration for the courage it takes a person to come to therapy. We commit to balancing our clinical expertise with humility, vulnerability and an authentic appreciation for what we do not and cannot know about another person until they share it.


At a time when many therapists are relying more and more on highly manualized techniques and models, we are stepping back and looking at the whole picture. We value the connection between therapist and client as an important and sacred part of the process. When it’s the right fit, the connection, above all else, is what facilitates healing and change.

At TCC we know there needs to be a balance between training, technique and relationship. We are intentional and thoughtful in choosing which research-supported methodologies to study and train in and we incorporate ongoing peer and expert consultation into our work.


We wholeheartedly believe that when a person or people break a cycle of violence or trauma they put an immeasurable amount of good into the world.

I no longer think of my
broken parts as wounds.
They are part of my history,
and who I have become.
~ Sue Cochrane

We want to hear from you and
we’re ready to support you.
We recognize the courage it takes
to reach out and we’re
committed to honoring that courage.