Call for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Volunteer Therapists Needed to Provide Support to Frontline Health Care Workers,
Clergy, Grocery Store and Pharmacy Personnel and 1st Responders.

As many of us are adjusting to staying home, there are thousands in our community who are showing up to work. They’re working under combat military stress levels to provide emergency and and critical medical care, maintain safety and order and support all of us in continuing to access the goods and services we need to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As therapists, social workers and counselors we know the devastating impact this level of stress can have on an individual and their family. We are called to work in this field for many different reasons and we each have different goals and dreams for our practices — and yet, one thing I know we share is a deep sense of obligation to be of service to others in times of crisis.

Join The Care Collective in helping those
who are on the frontlines of this crisis.

We’re inviting licensed clinicians, who currently have
an interest and capacity to provide a minimum of
3 no-cost sessions to frontline workers.

We can make a difference and mitigate the impact this crisis has on those who are serving by teaching in-the-moment coping strategies, locating resources in the community, assisting in navigating their health insurance to meet their long-term needs, and showing up for them with love, compassion and gratitude.

If you feel called to contribute in this way, please complete our Volunteer Intake Form below.

~ Be well and take good care.
The Care Collective Team

If you have questions or would like to be in touch about this opportunity…

Volunteer Intake and Mental Health Professional Volunteer Agreement

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  • Every hour of therapy you’re able to contribute will make a difference.

    We are offering 1st responders and those on the frontlines three, 1-hour sessions and
    therefore ask for a 3-hour minimum commitment.

    Thank you for showing up here.

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  • For example number of hours per week, days of the week you are available and your time zone.