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Holly Strelow

Welcome to Holly Strelow Counseling. I am delighted you have checked in to see what I am about. After over 20 years as a designer, I have followed my heart’s desire to be of deeper service and my counseling practice is the fruition of that dream. It is my honor to sit with people in the midst of challenge and transition with the express goal of minimizing suffering and freeing up energy to live a life that feels more congruent with whom we truly are.

Going to therapy can be an act of incredible courage and strength of character. I am a firm believer of living my life with scaffolding. This means approaching life with an open and authentic stance to my being human. All the while loosening the grip of perfectionism and embracing my perfectly imperfect way of being. To live with scaffolding is to know that shame and fear breed in the darkness. Bringing just a flicker of light begins to loosen their grip. And one of the safest ways to do this is with the support of a therapist.

Why work with Holly Strelow Counseling?

In therapy with me, you can count on someone who is relatable, enthusiastic, & invested in transformation that feels genuine to you and your goals. Whether we’re talking about recent events or analyzing deeply rooted patterns and beliefs, my approach is to be curious and compassionate, leaving judgement at the door. I bring my authentic personality into the room with me (laughter, tears, & sarcasm included) and I invite you to do the same- we’ll talk about the hard stuff, but we’ll also laugh, celebrate the victories, & unearth the wisdom and power already inside you. If you’re looking for someone who is laid back & approachable, but also really knows her stuff, let’s connect and see what’s possible!

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