We gather.

We show up.

For ourselves. For one another.


The Care Collective™ was founded on the principle that being a part of and contributing to a community with other values-aligned mental health professionals is integral to both our own personal wellbeing and the care and nurturing of our individual practices.


The need for and value of gathering together in community to support one another and seek support for ourselves has never been so critical. We’re being called to extraordinary situations as we support our clients in navigating the intense impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Care Collective’s 4-part series ‘Help for the Helpers: A Time for You’ will be a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental weekly space for mental health providers to process some of the fears, stressors and hardships that are unique to us as clinicians.


If you’re a mental health provider looking to learn about how to pivot and adjust your practice and business planning to reflect the changing and uncertain times we are living in, we invite you to join with other Clinicians who want to be in community, and who are going through this crisis from a similar vantage point.

Our hour-long sessions will be interactive and provide information, perspective and strategies as well as time for discussion, processing and connecting with one another.

We’ll gain insight and perspective into how to tend to both the clinical and business needs of our practices, while learning ways to increase our self-compassion and self-care without sacrificing our entrepreneurial spirit.

Coming Soon…

Help for the Helpers

A Time for YOU
4-Part Webinar Series for
Mental Health Professionals

It’s Harder than I Thought:
Dealing with Providing Telehealth

Grief as Self-Care:
Rethinking How We Care for Ourselves

Protecting Your Business:
Letting Go of a Scarcity Mentality

From Crisis to Creativity:
Innovating in Post Covid-19 World


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