May the crisis we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic continue to remind us that no matter how divided we may seem based on politics or social identities or how isolated and lonely we may feel,
we remain profoundly and intricately connected to each other
by the air we breathe and the planet we share.

~ Dena Tranen, LCSW, Founder of The Care Collective


In times of crisis many of us are called to be of additional service, sometimes beyond our limits. In order to maintain the capacity we need to hold the fears, frustrations and pain that our clients are experiencing, we need someone to hold ours. Now is the time to show up for each other, to ask for what we need and be present, supportive and generous with one another.


Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to find the courage we need to ask for help. A crisis of this magnitude can be hard for us to wrap our heads around, it may trigger past traumatic feelings or memories and it can lead us to coping in ways that are not aligned with our best selves. If you are noticing more stress, loneliness, irritability, relationship or co-parenting difficulties — then it’s time to find the courage to reach out, let yourself be seen and find a path towards healing and peace.

Connect for Support

Virtual Therapist

Facilitated online therapist community gatherings via the HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform

Therapist Community Membership Opportunities

Therapy Practice Development Coaching

Support with providing Teletherapy

Case consultation

We’re Here for You

Teletherapy Therapy
for Clients

Virtual therapy sessions

Crisis Support Resources for anyone struggling with issues related to self-quarantining

Support for parents working and caring for children at the same time or trying to co-parent between different households

Strategies for protecting and preserving your marriage or intimate partner relationship

Help dealing with loneliness, fear and grief as the widespread impact of COVID-19 sets in

We’ve Got You

FREE Therapy for 1st Responders, Clergy & Those on the Frontline

Initially, offered in Missouri and Illinois beginning March 30, 2020

Expedited appointment times with a licensed mental health clinician

2-3 sessions to process the intensity, stress and pressure experienced by those on the frontlines in a safe and non-judgemental way

Help with figuring out how to transition home after an intense shift(s)

Support managing urges to escape, numb-out or dissociate


The Care Collective is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community of therapists who thrive by collaborating and consulting with one another.  We are an incubator for building mental health private practices and related businesses. We work in the service of our clients by providing innovative treatment, whole-person, client-centered therapy and allied services, in order to end trauma, facilitate growth, healing, and freedom. 


TCC is revolutionizing the experience of private practice therapy by creating a community in which therapists can transform from clinicians to experts and from employees to business owners. TCC is up-leveling clinical services and breaking down barriers and limitations that traditionally hold therapists back. Clients benefit from their therapist receiving on-going support and consultation, including new and emerging treatment options. Clients can trust that their therapist has the ability and capacity to be fully present with them in session and will be open and transparent about the financial exchange associated with their services.


The Care Collective is committed to promoting cultural humility and creating an inclusive environment for all who enter our space and engage in our community.   We are mindful of the intersections between social identities and we believe examining our own biases is a critical part of creating a more just and loving world. We honor the depth of wisdom that comes from the lived experience of oppression and discrimination and we strive to give voice and validation to these experiences.